• Asunción Cueva s/n y Rio Motolo, Shell, Canton Mera, Provincia Pastaza.

Shakira comes from the jungle

Shakira comes from the jungle. In October 2021, the then 11-year-old was treated for the first time in a state hospital for an abscess on her left lower leg and then came to us because the infection had already affected the bone. There followed several openings of the tibia, sugical cleaning, drainage, etc. It healed unusually slowly. Then ended Dr. E. Wolff time in Shell. Dr Panchi took over the treatment with long inpatient antibiotic treatment. The wound slowly healed. Now, after two years, the patient came to us with her mother for the last evaluation. The inflammation is finally over, the bone is solid. She kept her leg. Compassion International covered most of the costs, with the hospital providing support. Sometimes it takes a long time. 

Together we are strong!