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Optimal quality services with excellent infrastructure,
always concerned about constant training and
technological changes.

We Take Care Of Your
Healthy Health

Hospital Shell

Welcome To

Nosotros ¡Sé parte de esto!

En el Hospital Shell necesitamos de gente como tú
que nos ayude a llegar a mas personas

Cristo en cada corazón

We Take Care Of Your
Healthy Health

Salud en cada cuerpo

Why choose us?

These are the characteristics that define us:

Family Medicine

We guarantee medical care for children, pregnant women and adults in general.

Modern Equipment

We have new technological equipment to provide better patient care.

Specialist Team

We have a highly trained professional team.

Attention In Multiple Languages

Attention in Spanish, Quichua, English, German, Dutch.

Emotional Orientation

We provide help in solving emotional problems.

Spiritual Guidance

We help the patient to have a spiritual encounter with Christ.


Our Services

Our Specialists

A United Work Team Just For You!

Last News



Guesthouse – not only for visitors from far away, but also for Ecuadorians mainly from the jungle region.…

A big step in our services is the opening of the Emergency area

4 renovated rooms, small OR lights and new equipment will be open in October. Our schedules: External consultation:…

The second part of the hospitalization is amost finished to be used

Part of out Maintenance team works on the next project: A Guesthouse. A former missionary homewe have room…