• Asunción Cueva s/n y Rio Motolo, Shell, Canton Mera, Provincia Pastaza.

A net made of many knots can carry a large load - A rope made of many thin fibers is stronger

Likewise, we also need many hands so that the hospital will once again be a blessing for the patients here. Your support can save lives by:

– Continuous prayer, we publish monthly prayer motifs.
– Financial help.

Why get involved?

The hospital needs many helping hands, who are willing to leave their normal life in Germany,
Switzerland or other countries and live in Ecuador for some time. Help is needed in administration, construction, among others.
Of course, doctors and nurses are needed.

The Ecuadorian brothers may not have many material resources,
but his fire, passion and devotion are so strong that they will motivate you to commit yourself to this noble mission.

Our hospital is international. We are looking for both national and international health personnel. Especially for Ecuadorian doctors it is the chance to form “their clinic” in a growing rural area with a future as a team with other specialists.

But we are also looking for missionaries!

What did we accomplish in the past?
– Our outpatient clinic has been operating since 2015
– we have a laboratory with good luggage up to PCR tests for tropical diseases
– we start more deliveries.
– our day hospital performs surgeries.
– In Nov 2016 we signed a contract with the previous owner – Reach Beyond – to buy the land, houses etc within 4 years. We are already the owner of 50%.