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Information Letter – March 2024

Luz Erazo´s “Good By” after many years of being part of our Team

Dear friends,  New developments at Hospital Shell:  There have been many difficult changes recently at the hospital, but nonetheless, we are grateful.  Our gynecologist and general surgeon left us.  It was a big discouragement to lose core physicians.  It was also difficult to pay the staff for a while since surgeries generate a lot of revenue for the hospital, but a new opportunity has arisen.  Several local doctors have agreed to work with us parttime: An ophthalmologist, a pediatrician, an orthopedic surgeon, a hematologist and a head and neck surgeon. The specialization of medical training is expanding in Ecuador.  Our urologist performed his first surgeries at the hospital.  The operating room is busier again and the number of patients is increasing.  However, will these local specialists be able to integrate into the team?  Will they continue to work well with everyone at the hospital while making less than they could elsewhere?  We need your prayers for this.  The team has made another change.  Luz Erazo was previously leading Bible studies for patients, but unfortunately, she had to resign for health reasons.  Miriam Gebb, who has served as a missionary in Shell for many years, is leading the efforts to renew the evangelistic focus of the hospital, especially with patients in the waiting area.  A new team has formed to help address the individual spiritual needs of patients.  

The electrical generator, a donation from Quito

Thanks to Dr. Jorge Rivera and friendships in Quito we received y used electrical generator. Right now it receives a technical check up in Quito and will replace or old machine in Shell.  

  Finances:  We managed to finance the new computer program with a small remainder of the budget.  A former employee from the mission hospital in Quito developed software that facilitates hospital finances.  It makes the billing and tax reporting processes much easier, greatly reducing the hospital’s administrative burden.  However, we still have a debt to the municipality of Mera, which has now sent the hospital a cumulative hazardous waste disposal bill for the last several years. We have a few months to pay the $4,000.  This year there are additional costs to purchase the adjacent property which previously served as a radio station.  We also need to upgrade the sewage system.  The international guesthouse has been financed twice, but unfortunately, the funds were “borrowed” by previous administrators for other emergencies.  We hope to complete the guesthouse in 2024 as it is urgently needed for foreign short-term helpers. We need about $100,000 this year to do all of this. This is one reason why we want to increase our patient volume.  Jim Hiebert, former administrator of the Hospital del Oriente many years ago, visits us from time to time with his wife. He wants to raise funds in Canada. To do this, however, a Canadian non-profit foundation would have to be established. Who from Canada would be willing to get involved?  Please contact us so that we can bring you together!!!!   Eckehart will visit Shell for a few weeks in April. In addition to discussions and encouragement for employees, the aim is to produce a new film in several languages to make the hospital and its work known in local communities and circles. The previous films are outdated. We need new material. Shell’s message should also be spread in Australia and other parts of the world.    Thank you to everyone who participates in prayer and gifts in God’s work in Shell.    Best regards,  Eckehart & Klaudia Wolff    PS: A few days ago, the Ministry of Health gave us further approval for another year with the requirement that we completely renovate the operating theaters within a few months. This will be discussed in detail in April, but it means a deep financial burden. Details later. We ask for your intercession!!!!  

The Shell Hospital Team

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Afternoon prayer meeting with patients and our team