• Asunción Cueva s/n y Rio Motolo, Shell, Canton Mera, Provincia Pastaza.

Information Letter – September 2023

Dear friends, Have you ever heard of Bezalel and Aholiab? They are the first in the Jewish Bible to be filled with the Holy Spirit over a long period of time (Ex. 31:1-6) in order to artistically design the tabernacle. Only the best for God. That was the center. Things often looked less glamourous around it. It took almost 40 years for the Israelites to reach their goal and enter the Promised Land. This is also how we see the situation at Shell Hospital today.

Brigade in Palora on a market day  

We (Klaudia and Eckehart) were in Shell for 4 weeks. God called us because there were difficulties within the team.  In December ‘22 there were problems with the staff, then the leaving of the first director, and then a few weeks of remote management by Dr. Jorge Rivera (the head of the foundation). Starting March 20th, the new leader Dr. Amparo Torres came, joined a short time later by her husband Dr. Galo Nuñez as a family practicioner. The hospital was near bankruptcy, God gave donations at important times and confirmed the path, but there were serious disputes and injuries among the staff. The “cyclists look up and pedal down”. So the Wolffs come and sort everything out ?- NO – we try to listen and understand. The director Dr. Amparo Torres managed to keep the hospital financially working, which meant strict austerity measures. She managed to do that and initially closed some things like the 24 hour emergency room in order to save staff.  What was to be done? Groups of staff have risen above others. This led to wounded feelings. Other difficulties included a lack of clear job descriptions for the position from the various “bosses”. There is a core leadership style that we would like to change, but that is a longer process. Employees not only have to be instructed; they have to be allowed to have a say. And we need new planning for the future. This should develop and grow. The new team must prove itself in everyday life. And then the bang at the last problem discussion. The director was not open to resolve the conflict. We wanted to postpone the conversation, but she left the hospital management at that moment.  A few days later, an agreement was reached with the leaders of the Foundation. Trust could be restored. Now this has to happen to the staff too. This is the new task of the “new-old” management team of Dr. Amparo Torres and her husband Dr. Galo Nunez. Both have agreed to work on this until spring/summer 2024. 

Dr. Bezemer receives his PHD in Amsterdam

Many hands have helped to make the hospital beautiful: the facade was painted, the outpatient treatment corridors are adorned with original pictures of the seven I-Am statements of Jesus, the morning prayers and a better attended Wednesday prayer by the staff, and an official celebration in which to present the story of the new opening in the entrance hall. God has done great things to revive the hospital. Recently, the Dutch doctor- Dr. J. Bezemer- received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam after many years of scientific work, a long path of scientific work in Shell and in the jungle – congratulations!!!  Our hospital has survived a difficult time. Injuries can be healed through clear agreements. The mutual wounds and real forgiveness must prove themselves in everyday life. We hope to have made a contribution to this. We ask for prayers and that friends from North America and other parts of the Englishspeaking world, in particular, will identify more with Shell again. We have contacts with friends there, but the breakthrough is still missing. The Shell Hospital has become a place where God is honored more than before. Now the daily life and interaction of the employees must be evidence that patients are showing more trust again. 

Shakira, 12 years old – final check after one year of treatment because of osteomyelitis

  What’s next?  After separating the different wastewater systems, the hospital now has to tackle a new wastewater treatment process.  The international guesthouse will be very special: 6 rooms, including many showers and toilets are almost finished except for the doors. Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on including the glass front, installing the hot water tanks and the interior design and furniture. Guests from other organizations also constantly ask about its completion.  We are working on a plan for the future. Most important prayer request: An internist and a pediatrician to staff the inpatient and provide nighttime emergency coverage.   Paying off the remaining debts to the Reach Beyond Mission – if possible this year. The 4 years of the contract end in 2023. Shell Hospital has become a gem. God is honored more than before. It took the Israelites almost 40 years before they were ready to enter the Promised Land. We hope that this will happen more quickly in Shell because many prayers from all over the world will vouch for this before God.  Best regards,  Eckehart & Klaudia Wolff and a (slightly better) united team   Donations: Lightway Medical Foundation PO Box 8066                                                                                                  

Fort Wayne, IN 46898 Checks can be mailed there, or you can donate through the websites.  LightwayMedical.org/donations. HospitalShell.org

Dra, Amparo Torres and her husband Dr. Galo Nuñez