• Asunción Cueva s/n y Rio Motolo, Shell, Canton Mera, Provincia Pastaza.

Information Letter – December 2023

General skin infectión with high fever

Dear friends, the ancient church placed Christmas in the darkest time of the year (northern hemisphere) to show that Jesus is the light of this world.  He came in secret and was only recognized by a few on the fringes of society.  He began a triumphant march that started at Easter, but went much further into history than anything else in humanity. The calculation of time, the division of the week, most of the songs and books in history and many other documents testify to Jesus.    On the one hand, it also looks dark in Shell. The departure of the former manager left a huge financial hole. Funds have been used for other purposes, and medicines and other orders have not been able to be paid for in months. The staff has to wait for the first time for their extra pay in November. We have not yet been able to pay the last installment of our debt for the old Reach Beyond mission.

Ing. Ela Villacis and Dra. Aslin Santos

This is primarily about a major breach of trust, not so much about the financial debt. Our attempt in September of this year to give the old management our trust failed resoundingly. And where is there hope?    It’s in the team itself. We haven’t hired any new leaders. Dr. Aslin Santos and Ela Villacis took over the management together. The focus of the work is again on the missionary side.

They now celebrate church services and Bible studies together again. Last Wednesday there was a time of fasting and prayer that was an eloquent testimony to this. More patients are coming back for treatment. The team took a risk for a month. They offered consultation hours for a third of the normal price. They want to open their hearts and take a risk in the greatest time of need. This takes courage that we can only admire. Just recently we have once again experienced friends that are actively supporting us and offering us help from the deepest of crises. This means work can continue in a significantly better working atmosphere. The work often involves sick young children like this child with a general skin infection. Time was of the essence. An infection like this has to be treated as an inpatient, no matter who can pay for it. 

An elderly patient undergoing routine surgery suddenly slips into a lifethreatening anxiety crisis. You can’t cure this with antibiotics. Our entire team is needed and has helped us through these difficult days with advice, psychological help, constant presence and a lot of prayer. He was handed over to his family, healed in body, soul and spirit, and was overjoyed to have overcome this difficult time.  Please pray for our team in Shell:

That lingering wounds among the staff can be healed, and they become ONE.

The patient healed physically and spiritually

That they can get out of the financial hole. What matters is correcting the mismanagement of the past and growing.  – We ask for prayers for the two leaders, Ela Villacis and Dr. Aslin Santos, who have been handling the extra work in the team for months with minimal pay and are true to their calling. We would like to pay some of our staff better. (No salary increases for 10 years!) 

There are many bright spots in Shell. The light of the child Jesus is already shining. Thank you so much for continuing to participate.  Best wishes for Christmas. We’ll get back to you early next year,  Eckehart & Klaudia Wolff  


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